General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the main deliberative organ of the UN composed of 192 representative Member States. The GA contains a number of subsidiary bodies, such as but not limited to committees, working groups, boards and councils that produce a number of important documents. The work of the United Nations derives largely from the mandates given by the General Assembly. The GA covers a large variety of research topics, and is an excellent resource of aid efforts regarding contemporary issues.


Topic 1: Reducing the rate of infant mortality in central Africa/Central African Republic

Topic 2: Ensuring the equity of refugees and migrants settling within Europe

Topic 3: Securing the right to primary education for children in conflict zones

Chair Appointments

Jang Hyeok

Jang Hyeok Kwon


Greetings, I am Jang Hyeok Kweon, who is a senior at Wellington College International Tianjin. It is an honour and such a precious opportunity for me to serve each one of you delegates as the president of General Assembly at MUNIST 2017. First of all, I want everyone to enjoy this conference. MUN is a type of activity that allows you to escape from your mundane life and be someone else. However, I wish all the delegates who will be attending General Assembly to also take this conference seriously and collect indelible experiences. MUN is a very valuable opportunity for you to acquire useful skills such as organizing, listening, and speaking so I want you to make the best of this chance. I mean where else will you talk about conflicts over infant mortality and primary education for children in conflict zones. Furthermore, I wish all of the delegates to have a different mindset in which you do not try your best to impress other people through your speeches but help the beginners of MUN and be a caring and harmonious committee. Then, we as a team will certainly and naturally come up with the BEST and feasible solutions for each of the three issues! Very excited to see you delegates and hope you all the best!

Si Hoo Lee

Si Hoo Lee

Assistant President


This is SiHoo Lee from Tianjin International School, and it is my utmost pleasure to serve all you guys as a Deputy President of General Assembly.

This conference may be the first MUN conference for many of the delegates, and I can sympathize with every single one of you since I was standing in your place just a few years ago. Nevertheless, because MUN is an amazing experience that can greatly help you in various areas, I urge you to challenge yourself by making speeches and POIs. I am fully aware that my words cannot motivate you to make more speeches, but I can guarantee that by stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to gain irreplaceable experience.

I look forward to seeing the fruitful debate, and I truly hope you all would make the best out of this conference.

Jung Woo Hong

Assistant President

Welcome to MUNIST 2017-18! My name is Jung Woo Hong and I am a sophomore at IST. My MUN experience started from when I was in Grade 6, going to my first conference, which was DIMUN. It is an honor to be serving as your co-chair of the General Assembly at the MUNIST Conference 2017-18. I have a lot of MUN experience, going to conferences such as DIMUN, TIANMUN and BEIMUN. If this is your first MUN conference, be confident and if you have any questions you can approach me at any time. I hope you have a can take a lot of meaningful experiences through this conference. I look forward for a fruitful debate!