Disarmament Committee

The United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC) is a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly which is mandated to consider and make recommendations on various disarmament related issues such as but not limited to: guidelines for appropriate types of confidence-building measures, guidelines and recommendations for regional approaches to disarmament within the context of global security, and guidelines and recommendations for objective information on military matters.


Topic 1: The issue of nuclear weapons and tensions between Pakistan and India

Topic 2: Limiting the availability of small arms and light weapons (SALW) to reduce urban violence

Topic 3: Implementation of the convention on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons

Chair Appointments

Esther Wroth

Esther Wroth


Welcome! I’m Esther Wroth, President Chair for MUNIST 2017’s Disarmament Committee.

Whether this is your first MUN conference or you have some experience, we – as your chairs are dedicated to encouraging a friendly atmosphere and helping you grow as a confident delegate. Participate without worrying about making mistakes. See us as people you can approach with any questions, big or small.

Model United Nations is a really great way to start finding your own identity as an international citizen. As you research and prepare for the upcoming conference, remember: these are real problems that governments and organizations tackle today! This is an opportunity for you to get involved in the discussions surrounding these important global issues.

About me—I’m currently a junior at Tianjin International School. MUNIST 2017 will be my ninth MUN conference. I personally love international politics and want to go into international human rights law in the future. I’m also really into philosophy, nature, and exploring. Aside from my 11 years in Tianjin I’ve also lived in California and Colorado.

(I love dogs. If you have a dog please send me pictures of it, my email is esther.wroth@studentmail.tiseagles.com. I can also give you prep tips for the conference, of course. See you soon!)


Jessica Wang

Assistant President

Welcome to MUNIST 2017! My name is Jessica Wang, currently a sophomore from Tianjin International School. It is my honor to serve you as the deputy president in DA for MUNIST 2017. This is my 4th year participating in MUN. However, it is my first time chairing. Don’t worry, I am as anxious as you probably are. I know that this is the first conference for many delegates, and I hope that everyone can step out of your comfort zone and have a fruitful debate. My first day for my first MUN conference, DIMUN, could be summed up in one word: horrible. Fortunately, being the main-submitter of my resolution, I was forced to make many speeches to defend my resolution. 

Do not be afraid to seek me for help, because I know how terrifying MUN could be at times. I hope that this conference will be a springboard for many delegates into more advanced MUN conferences. My email is Jessica.Wang@studentmail.tiseagles.com, feel free to ask me questions! 😀

Brenna Beri

Brenna Beri

Assistant President

Greetings Delegates! My name is Brenna Beri and I am a sophomore from International School of Tianjin. Having started my MUN experience in Dubai and continuing in China, I have had a chance to continue expanding my knowledge and understanding about world issues as well as working with other delegates to find solutions to them.

It is an honour to be serving as your co-chair of the Disarmament Committee at MUNIST Conference 2017. I have been to many conferences during my time in China including DIMUN, TIANMUN, and CISSMUN. What I truly enjoy about MUN is meeting new delegates, broadening my thinking as an open-minded learner, and building meaningful relationships when working with other delegates to write resolutions, and participate in fruitful debates.

If this is your first MUN conference, don’t be scared, instead raise the confidence in yourself, keep your head held high, and you will learn something new! Trust me, I was standing in your place when it was my first conference. MUN is all about learning new things. Even if you have been to more than one conference, you can build on your speaking and writing skills by learning from other people.

Along with Esther and Jessica, I guarantee that you will enjoy your time in the Disarmament Committee!