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20 - 24 August 2015


Welcome Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear future participants,
With the great honor and pleasure of serving as its Secretary-General, I welcome you all to the sixth annual session of Model United Nations Istanbul Conference 2015, or simply MUNIST 2015. Throughout the decades, the practice of Model United Nations has become more comprehensive, spreading across the globe and allowing its participants to improve their skill in diplomacy through numerous conferences. In this consideration, MUNIST as a conference on an international scale has made a considerable amount of impact in the Model United Nations Society and quickly became highly- respected conference. For this reason, as the conference in which Europe and Asia meet, we have worked hard to deliver supreme value to our participants, which befits MUNIST’s dignity in both academic and operational means.
As a conference that receives over a thousand applications from more than sixty-six different countries across the globe, MUNIST is gradually improving each passing year in both content and hospitality aspects. In its sixth session, MUNIST 2015 is ready to host 350 delegates in 11 committees with with focusing on different areas of international politics and law. Every agenda item of committees that MUNIST 2015 is ready to deliver has been selected to appeal to participants of all levels of experience. MUNIST 2015 offers a unique experience to allow its participants to recreate themselves by developing their language, negotiation, and diplomacy skills by socializing with participants from many different backgrounds, along with allowing them to improve their knowledge of global politics and international law. To deliver the value proposition that MUNIST 2015 offers, both the academic and operations team members have been chosen from a pool of the finest people in the region and their respective fields, in order to carry the knowledge they possess onto the newer generations.
As one of the most respected conferences in the region and the globe, to share and create unforgettable memories together, the Model United Nations Istanbul Conference 2015 awaits you. As the Academic and Operations Teams, we look forward to seeing you in between 20th – 24th of August at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, where the continents meet.
Welcome to the family.


Seçkin KUTLU

Stay Tuned For MUNIST 2015!
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Why Choose Us?

Academic Quality & Operational Excellence

We offer you a whole different experience with our unique committees and debate quality, accompanied by a devoted operations team which will take care of everything for you.

Social Events

Even the word “Istanbul” is enough to explain how the nights are going to be like! You have only heard the stories so far, now we say; do not listen to the stories, be a part of them because you don’t need magic to create a difference, you only need a destination.Our talented team will hold the ideal social events, ensuring you to feel more than welcome with unique spaces, creative themes and excellent music. You will confirm us!


Day time fun with the original games and a chance to beat your committee enemy! Try to stay on top of the games and earn various achivements. You will not say ‘no’ to these challenges which prove yourself!


When there is a challenge, there should be a prize, don’t you think? Well, we are not going to tell you what it is but we can assure you that you will like what you get. .

Global Relationships

With our participants from many countries that links diverse cultural groups and span global distances, we offer you a chance to build international relationships.


The most important part of this unique experience will be your memories. You can be sure that you will have a lot of them! Because no matter what happens some memories can never be replaced and you will leave Istanbul with a lot of them in your pocket.

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